Wearing Pukhraj stone changes your luck overnight, Let us know the ten benefits of wearing Pukhraj

Wearing Pukhraj stone changes your luck overnight, Let us know the ten benefits of wearing Pukhraj

Wearing Pukhraj stone changes your luck overnight, wear it on which finger and what are the benefits. Pukhraj stone is a yellow colored gem, wearing which gives fame, wealth, happiness, but in which finger to wear it and what is its value. In astrology, Pukhraj stone has been considered the gem of the planet Jupiter. In English, Pukhraj stone is also known as Yellow Sapphire Stone, this gem is worn to increase the auspicious effects of Jupiter and to get positive results.

According to Vedic astrology, every Gemstone has its advantages and disadvantages and similarly wearing Pukhraj has many advantages but also has to bear some disadvantages. Pukhraj  gemstone is a gemstone related to the planet Jupiter, which is found in six colors – yellow, yellow-brown, frelax, brown, green, blue, light blue, red, pink, etc., but sometimes it does not have any color. . Especially it is found in turmeric color, saffron, lemon peel color, golden color and white-yellow freckle. Pukhraj stone is called Topaz in English. Let us know the 10 benefits of wearing Pukhraj stone.

pukhraj stone
pukhraj stone


Benefits of wearing Pukhraj stone

1. Fame:

Wearing topaz gives fame. Fame increases respect. It is recommended to wear Pukhraj stone to increase prestige in the society.

2. Career:

It is beneficial in education and career. If your child is weak in studies or finds it difficult to concentrate on studies, then you can wear Guru’s stone on him. Wearing this stone gives success in the field of education and career.

3. Increase in fortune:

Should be worn for increase in fortune and happiness. This stone helps in bringing fame, happiness and prosperity in life. Wearing Pukhraj stone increases the wearer’s interest in spirituality and religious activities.

4. Happiness-Prosperity:

By wearing this, the wishes of happiness, prosperity, son’s wish, marriage and spiritual prosperity are fulfilled. It also increases spiritual power, peace or learning in the native. This increases economic prosperity. This leads to development and progress in job and business.

5. Benefits in diseases:

Jupiter is the giver of life. It is related to fat and glands. Therefore, wearing it is beneficial in throat disease, chest pain, breathing disease, air disorders, tuberculosis, heart disease. Weak digestion is beneficial. Before wearing topaz for diseases, you must consult a doctor.

6. Romance: 

Blue means blue topaz is considered auspicious for romance. It is considered a sign of love and affection. This gem increases the power of attraction. Awakens the desire for love in sad and extinguished hearts. Topaz gemstone is considered very auspicious for love affairs. It is believed that wearing Topaz gemstone removes obstacles in getting love or getting married. If there are obstacles in a person’s marriage, then he gets benefit from wearing yellow gemstone of Jupiter. This gem also increases marital happiness.

7. Cuts poison:

It increases heat and strength in the body. It cures blood disorders and wearing it can cure leprosy. It also has the ability to cut poison and it is also said that wearing it cures piles. If Jupiter is weak in your horoscope, then wearing topaz gives benefits by becoming strong.

8. Controls anger:

Wearing blue topaz reduces the anger of people and increases kindness. Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces Ascendant people can wear this stone, due to its auspicious effect, they get children, education, wealth and fame.

9. Sleeps well:

It helps to sleep well and removes tiredness of the body. It is a stone that stops bleeding and increases appetite. By wearing this, sorrow, anxiety, stress, fear etc. go away from the mind. Apart from this, Pukhraj stone has health benefits such as removing skin disorders, digestive problems and wearing Yellow Sapphire for mental balance and better blood circulation.

pukhraj stone

Where is topaz found

Excellent quality yellow sapphire is found in countries like Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Srilanka. Yellow Sapphire obtained from the mines of Burma is considered to be the best. The white topaz here is also very famous.

In which finger should Pukhraj be worn ?  

It is auspicious to wear Pukhraj stone in a gold ring on the index finger, it should be worn on Thursday morning. According to Vedic Astrology, the gemstone price of Yellow Sapphire depends on its origin, colour, cleanliness and quality. The better the quality of Yellow Sapphire, the higher its price will be kept.


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