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The Top Wealthiest Lawyers in the World and How They Made Their Fortunes

The Top Wealthiest Lawyers in the World and How They Made Their Fortunes

Lawyers who specialize in reality TV law shows or representing royalty and influential politicians can make a fortune from legal work; one such attorney, Judge Judy Sheindlin has amassed an immense fortune through legal work alone.

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Steuart Walton, one of Wal-Mart’s billionaire family, has also established himself as a notable attorney and businessman, currently sitting on their board of directors. In this article, We Will Discuss the Top Wealthiest Lawyers in the World.

Top Wealthiest Lawyers in the World

Joe Jamail

Joe Jamail is one of the top Wealthiest Lawyers in the World. He was 90 years old at his death in 2018 and made headlines due to his remarkable courtroom successes for Pennzoil against Texaco in which he won a $10.5 billion verdict using facts, bluster, charm, and profanity as his weapons against Texaco. Joe donated generously back to his alma mater – The University of Texas where he earned both bachelor’s and law degrees – both before and after becoming famous as an attorney.

Newsweek called him the “King of Torts.” His first big win came in 1962 when he secured a half-million jury award for an injured worker caused by a defective electrical box. Later lawsuits against Honda ATVs and Parlodel led to large settlements and product recalls; all told, his wealth amounted to $9 billion by 2015 when he passed away a devoted Catholic who donated much of it to charitable causes – as well as being close friends with President Jimmy Carter.

Wichai Thongtang

Being a lawyer is one of the most lucrative professions on Earth, yet some attorneys have discovered ways to increase their earnings even further – from investing in other businesses to winning landmark cases, these 10 lawyers have amassed huge wealth thanks to their legal skills and knowledge.

Joe Jamail, widely recognized as the King of Torts, has amassed an estimated net worth estimated at $1.7 billion. Most of his fortune was earned through successful litigation against Pennzoil.

Wichai Thongtang, a well-known corporate attorney in Thailand, has amassed enormous wealth through his legal practice and investments. Additionally, he owns various Thai businesses like Dusit Medical and Cable Thai Holding company. Due to this success in legal practice he now ranks 17th on Thailand’s richest businessman list.

Willie E. Gary

Gary has become known as “The Giant Killer.” He has successfully sued some of America’s largest corporations – such as Disney and Anheuser-Busch over their practices – winning large jury awards and settlements on their behalf for his clients.

He’s was top Wealthiest Lawyers in the World & best-known for his personal injury law and investment practices, but also makes television appearances and is a motivational speaker. According to him, being rich has allowed him to help more people through charitable works.

Gary’s firm is in disarray despite its immense wealth, facing creditors and lawsuits from General Electric Capital for defaulting on a loan for his customized plane. Gary owns two private jets and several cars but prefers Sewall’s Point on Florida’s St Lucie River as his main residence; additionally he funds scholarships for college students.

Judge Judy Sheindlin

Sheindlin may be best-known for her appearances on Judge Judy, but she has made her fortune through personal injury law and investments. From humble origins, Sheindlin worked tirelessly and learned how to stand up for herself when necessary.

Sheindlin is an inspirational force both inside and outside the courtroom. Never afraid to express herself freely and take control of her show very seriously, unlike some TV stars she doesn’t let producers take shortcuts when producing shows for her show.

Sheindlin has proven herself one of the richest lawyers worldwide with her aggressive approach to caseload management, becoming one of the richest lawyers worldwide. Her annual show contract now brings in around $45 Million, and she currently is estimated at worth $440 Million – making her one of the highest paid lawyers globally! With an annual contract estimated at over $440 Million she is set to become even wealthier as Sheindlin continues her rise up the legal industry ladder. Sheindlin has become known as an exceptional legal professional. Sheindlin’s presence influencing it immensely as one of its power players in terms of legal industry influence – making Sheindlin one of its leaders.

Roy Black

Legal profession can often be seen as an unrewarding journey, yet some attorneys manage to stand out and amass significant wealth. The best attorneys boast diverse portfolios of cases which keep them busy while making them money.

Erin Brockovich made her mark by fighting companies and individuals that destroy the environment, such as Pacific Gas and Electric Company. This case led to a movie which became an immense success.

Thomas Girardi is another high-profile lawyer. He has represented Rush Limbaugh and Kelsey Grammer among others; additionally, he successfully defended BuzzFeed against defamation lawsuits. Specializing in personal injury law and investments with clients that include celebrities, sports stars, and businessmen; Girardi has an estimated net worth of more than $1 billion.

John Branca

John Branca is one of the highest-paid lawyers. He has amassed his fortune specializing in personal injury law for oil cases. He has represented clients involved in high-profile litigations – such as Enron class actions.

He’s been instrumental in brokering several music biz deals, such as Sony/ATV acquiring Michael Jackson’s publishing catalog for sale to them and Berry Gordy acquiring Jobete Music with its copyrights for Motown classics such as ‘The Girl Is Mine.”

As well as his legal work, Branca is also active as an instructor at Harvard Business School, UCLA Law School, USC Law School, Occidental College and Occidental College. Additionally he serves on the Board of Trustees at Grammy Museum as well as its Ziffren Center Board of Advisors at UCLA.

Peter Angelos

Peter Angelos is an American attorney and owner of the Baltimore Orioles professional baseball team. His legal expertise lies in civil rights and labor law; additionally he is active as a philanthropist, funding medical research as well as social issues in Baltimore City.

As a teenager working at his father’s tavern in Highlandtown’s Greek and working-class neighborhood, which exposed him to workers who became sick from breathing asbestos dust from nearby factories, which provided an ideal background from which he could take on asbestos cases that he ultimately handled.

Louis filed suit last month against Peter’s wife and son John, alleging that they drained his bank account to protect against malpractice lawsuits against their law firm. Louis stated that Peter’s account had been raided to pay for Orioles deals and investments, among other expenses.

Bill Lerach

Criminal defense law is one of the highest-paying professions, yet not every lawyer can make their mark and become successful in this profession. Some talented lawyers manage to garner significant interest and secure large cases which can lead to great wealth accumulation.

Bill Lerach is perhaps one of the best-known of these lawyers, earning $900 million through class action lawsuits in private class action suits against Charles Keating of Lincoln Savings and Loan, Michael Milken from Drexel Burnham, Ken Lay of Enron, Martha Stewart, among other major companies. Lerach was eventually caught and charged with conspiring to obstruct justice; since his conviction he now spends his time lecturing, gardening and caring for his collection of tribal art in La Jolla as well as being active philanthropically.

Thomas Mesereau

Thomas Mesereau is also top Wealthiest Lawyers in the World and an esteemed criminal lawyer. Known for defending several celebrities such as Michael Jackson in their child molestation trial in 2005.

Mesereau also plays an instrumental role in pro bono legal services by regularly accepting cases that would otherwise go unrepresented and offering free legal services for defendants who can’t afford representation – including his Law Clinic in Los Angeles where each year one capital murder case will be accepted on behalf of someone unable to afford representation.

He attended Harvard and UC Hastings and rose to wealth by representing clients in class-action suits, becoming well known in the oil industry, representing Pennzoil against Texaco in court litigation and winning multi-million dollar settlements for clients – estimated worth: approximately $1 billion. Additionally he became known as an active philanthropist who provided college scholarships for at-risk students.

Richard Scruggs

Dickie Scruggs gained widespread notoriety during the mid-’90s for spearheading lawsuits against tobacco companies, reportedly making millions through this work and being named one of America’s Best Lawyers. However, in an insurance case related to Hurricane Katrina that is ongoing against him now he stands accused of bribery.

Scruggs was well known in Pascagoula for taking on formidable opponents with ease and succeeding. He built his fortune representing workers affected by asbestos exposure at Pascagoula shipyard before challenging tobacco industry with support from attorneys general of several states.

Scruggs takes time out in his 1940s colonial to reflect on his career despite his bribery conviction and passion for changing lives – yet another target for insurance companies.


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