Pathaan Movie First day First show Review LIVE:

Pathaan Movie First day First show Review LIVE:

Pathan Movie
Pathan Movie

What are critics, fans, film and TV stars saying after watching Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan ? Stayed with us to know everyone’s heart.

Pathaan Movie Review: 

Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan has been released in theatres. The morning show of the film has also ended. After watching the first show, the audience is calling the film a blockbuster. Released amid heavy protests, the film has also been successful in winning the hearts of the critics. Critics like Taran Adarsh and Sumeet Kadel have called the film the first blockbuster of the year. The film has been released, but stay with us on this page to know what the common people are saying about it and what kind of review they are giving.

‘Today is a festival’

Vishal Dadlani, the music director of the film Pathan, appealed to the people to stop piracy on the day of the film’s release. He has declared today as a festival. Vishal tweeted, “Today is a festival. Pathan. Long live India. Do not give spoilers, do not share pictures and videos. Support the fight against piracy

Pathan made another record


Seeing the advance booking of Pathan and the craze among the fans for the film, the makers have taken a big decision on the first day of its release. Yash Raj Films has increased the screen count of the film. Now this film will be played on 8000 screens worldwide. This is a record. That is, before this no Hindi film was released on 8 thousand screens. The film will now run on 5500 screens in India

KRK praised Pathan

Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK, who has been continuously tweeting against Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan, has also given 4 stars to the first half of the film. He tweeted that the interval is over and Pathan is still in high spirits. It is fabulous and full of entertainment.

Slogans raised for Shahrukh in the theater

Slogans of ‘We Love You Shah Rukh’ (we love you Shahrukh) have been raised in the cinema halls of Delhi. During this, the audience lavished love on Pathan’s song on which there was a controversy. In the song Besharam Rang, there was a lot of uproar over the color of Deepika Padukone’s bikini, which is still going on. But fans have been seen enjoying the song in theatres.

Pathan Movie
Pathan Movie

Critics impressed on Pathan’s action

Trade analyst and film critic Sumit Kadel has given five stars to the film after watching Pathan. He has praised the film in several tweets. In a tweet, he wrote, “Pathan and Tiger have created a stir…One of the best sequences in the history of Indian cinema. Cinema hall turned into a stadium…Baap re baap kya action dikhaya hai.”

Rushad Rana fell in love with ‘Pathan’

After watching Pathan, TV actor Rushad Rana gave his review. He said that I fell in love with action. The songs and music of the film, everything is awesome. Everyone has done justice to their character. Both Rushad and Ketki have given five stars to the film.

TV actress Ketki watched Pathan with her husband

Rushad Rana and Ketki Valawalkar, who got married this month, also watched Pathan’s morning show. After coming out of the theatre, both praised the film. Ketki said that everything was good. There is no complaint. I really liked X.

Fans are looting ‘stars’ on Pathan

After watching the film Pathan, the fans who came out of the theater are giving four to five stars to the film. Fans are calling this film of Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham a superhit. The audience watching the morning show at 7 am has called the film a blockbuster.

Review of Pathan: SRK’s Pathan is full of entertainment

Review of Pathan: Pathan is a story of two ideologies. A RAW agent ready to sacrifice everything for a country and Jim joining hands with the enemies of the country by going against his own country. The story between the two is full of entertainment, but some action scenes seem to be mere drama away from reality.

SRK’s fans reached the theater with a band

Tremendous craze is being seen among the fans of Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan. In Delhi, SRK’s fans have reached the theater with band baje. At the same time, Shah Rukh’s return is being celebrated by bursting firecrackers outside many theatres. There are long queues outside the theatres.

Shahrukh Khan’s Pathan is full of patriotism

The war in Pathan is between the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country and the enemies of the country. This is the reason why there are many such dialogues in this film, in which patriotism is clearly visible.

Pathan Movie
Pathan Movie

Will Jim win or Pathan?

Amazing action is seen between Pathan Rubina and Jim for ‘Mission Raktabeej’. Now does this mission succeed or will Jim win? You will know only after watching this film.

Pathan moves towards climax

The film is slowly moving towards its climax. In the film, Shahrukh Khan has made a comeback with strong action. The characters of Deepika and John Abraham have also been strong. At the same time, Salman Khan’s cameos have added charm to the film.

Will Pathan take revenge for the betrayal?

Pathan once again faces his old enemies Jim and Rubina. During this, the truth comes in front of him that what is Mission Raktabeej.

Tiger welcomed with applause

Seeing Pathan Shah Rukh Khan and Tiger Salman Khan together, there was no limit to the happiness of the fans in the theatre. The fans were clapping and whistling for about 10 minutes in the theatre. After the interval, we can see the much awaited Salman Khan’s entry in the film. Seeing Salman and Shahrukh on screen after years is quite exciting for their fans.

Pathan on a difficult mission

The interesting story of how Pathan faces new difficulties away from his country begins after the interval. Comedy has also been seen in the film so far with plenty of action.

Pathan will not be allowed to be boycotted – SRK fans

Shahrukh’s fans clearly say that we will not allow the film to be boycotted. We will definitely see Pathan. Controversies go on. Pathan gets cheated by Rubina on ‘Mission Raktabeej’ Along with the ISI agent, Pathan goes on ‘Mission Raktabeej’, but Rubina betrays him. There is an interval of the film here. After leaving the hall, people are still discussing the story.

What is the story of ‘Pathan’ in the film ?

Is Pathan really related to Pathan’s family ? There is also an interesting story behind this. Pathan narrates his story in front of Rubina before ‘Mission Raktabeej’. Deepika Padukone is playing the role of an ISI officer in the film. While chasing the gym, Pathan meets Rubina Mohsin (Deepika Padukone). Even though she is with Jim, she joins hands with Pathan for Raktabeej. John Abraham is playing the role of Jim in this film. The story of Jim, who once fought for his country, why he is against the country, has been told in the film.

Deepika seen in saffron swim suit

Deepika Padukone has appeared in a saffron swim suit in Pathan. However, the seat in the saffron bikini in which she romanced Shah Rukh Khan in the song ‘Besharam Rang’ has been cut. Even though Deepika Padukone is not romancing Shahrukh Khan in orange bikini, but she can be seen in orange swim suit in Besharam Rang of the film. In the film, Dimple Kapadia is an army security officer with whom Pathan used to work. Although now Pathan does not work with him. During this, she sees a glimpse of Deepika in a CCTV surveillance camera, but now neither she trusts Pathan nor Deepika. Pathan flew away by tying the seat of the chair

Dimple Kapadia is telling the story of ‘Pathan’

Dimple Kapadia tells the story of why RAW doesn’t trust Pathan anymore. Where she takes the audience with her in the flashback. In the film, Dimple Kapadia is an army security officer with whom Pathan used to work. Fighting off the enemies, Pathan is seen going away while flying the helicopter. However, during this he does not forget to warn that ‘tie your seatbelt because the weather is about to turn bad’.

Pathan will break the record of KGF 2?

Rajendra Singh Jala, chief programming officer of multiplex chain INOX, has told that Pathan South’s film is going to break the record of KGF 2. On the first day, Shah Rukh’s film will do business of Rs 45 crore to Rs 50 crore.

Good days of the industry will come from Pathan ?

Releasing on 7700 screens worldwide, Pathan may signal a happy 2023 for the film industry which is grappling with severe losses after the Covid pandemic and multiple setbacks at the box office. Multiplexes, single screen theaters and South India have also seen a jump in ticket sales.

Pathan Movie


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